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Simon Doubleday

Border Interrogations

This volume of essays engages with a wide spectrum of Spanish border zones: spaces of negotiation and contestation. The contributors perceive the Spanish nation-space as a historical and ideological construct, continually experiencing mutations, transformations, and reformations. Frontiers are  conceived as articulations, constitutively crossed and transgressed, and as fluid, porous, and multifaceted spaces of transition. One fundamental premise is the conception that borders need not be associated with literal geographical constructs; they are dispersed, temporally as well as spatially, whenever and wherever the movement of information, people, and artifacts is controlled, patrolled and interrogated.

Several chapters (those by Parvati Nair, Susan Martín Márquez, and Joseba Gabilondo) are informed directly by a concern with Spanish-Moroccan relations. Others (including those by Rosi Song and Alberto Medina) respond to contemporary understandings of internationalism and globalization, phenomena which underline the contingency, artificiality, and inherently polemical nature of the nation-state. The volume also brings to bear distinct postcolonial perspectives, reflected variously in the chapters by Vicente Rafael, Francisco-J. Hernández Adrián, and David Rojinsky.



  • “This volume constitutes an outstanding example of the fascinating potential of borders, whether real, imaginary, historical, religious, political or cultural, providing a genuine example of the potential of cultural studies to encompass different historical, cultural and theoretical threads…The sheer range of geographical, cultural and conceptual borders covered by the volume is fascinating and offers a promising venue for Spanish cultural studies.”

    Journal of Romance Studies
  • “These twelve essays consider in an exemplary fashion geographical, cultural, gender, linguistic, disciplinary, and other Spanish borders…All-in-all, this book is not only worth reading, but an admirable example of where contemporary Hispanism can be found.”

    Bulletin of Spanish Studies
  • “Read together or individually, these essays mark an impressive display of knowledge of Spanish cultural and historical identity both in width and profundity, and, more importantly, of the marginalized, suppressed, or ignored elements that undermine that knowledge. If you think you know Spain, think again; you will find something, if not many things, in this collection to challenge your perceptions. A valuable resource for students and professors alike, as well as any reader with a desire to better understand the complications, ambiguities, and fluctuations of modern and historical Spain.”

    Bulletin of the Association of Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies
  • Sampedro, Benita, and Simon R. Doubleday, ed. Border Interrogations: Questioning Spanish Frontiers. New York: Berghahn Books, 2008. viii + 267 pp. Print.

  • ISBN 10: 0857451758
  • ISBN 13: 978-0857451750
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