Simon Doubleday May 27, 2020

Interviewing Galician writer María Reimóndez

Earlier this month, I was able to interview the leading Galician writer María Reimóndez, for the news site El Salto (which we chose because it is willing and able to publish in the Galician language). The interview was inspired by a social media posting in which María had posted a video of herself in lockdown, in her hometown of Vigo, practicing her boxing skills against the backdrop of well-stocked bookshelves. Given María’s commitment to feminist causes and literature by women, I imagined her engaged in a pugilistic battle with the traditional male canon…. Here, she addresses a wide variety of topics including women and sport, her own particular relationship to boxing, dystopian fiction by women, and–finally–the question of using the term “crisis” to address the current pandemic.