Simon Doubleday

About the Author

Simon Doubleday is a historian who writes about medieval Spain, and is the author of The Wise King: A Christian Prince, Muslim Spain, and the Birth of the Renaissance, a new biography of Alfonso el Sabio (1252-84)–one of the most creative of all medieval rulers–which has been described as “a fascinating journey into an unfamiliar realm.”

His earlier book  The Lara Family won the Stessin Prize at Hofstra University (New York), where he is Chair of the Department of History. He founded the Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies, of which he continues to be editor-in-chief, and currently serves as president of AARHMS (the American Academy of Research Historians of Medieval Spain).

Simon grew up in Bath (England) and attended Pembroke College, Cambridge. He currently lives in New York City and Santiago de Compostela (Spain). Like the Mouse in the Hispano-Arabic tales of Calila et Digna,  he believes that there is no pleasure in the world like the company of friends, although the piano music of Ravel and Debussy — like the songs of Joni Mitchell — comes very close.